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2013 Schedule

April 2013
6th-The Landing, Liberty, MO 9-1
12th-John Laffoon at Frontier Steak House as Buddy Holley
13th-Dirty Bird, Raytown, MO 10-2
20th-Brooksider, KCMO, 9-1
27th-Jerry's Bait Shop, Lenexa, KS, 9-1

May 2013
3rd-Barley's Brewhause, Shawnee (Midland), KS 9-1
10th-Konrad's, Lee's Summitt, MO 9-1
11th-Barley's Brewhause, OP (119th), KS 9-1

June 2013
1st-Wedding, Olathe, KS
7th-Stone Pillar Viniard and Winery, Olathe, KS 7-10
9th-Plaza Live at Mermaid Court, 12-3
22nd-Barley's Brewhause, Shawnee (Midland Exit), 9-1
28th-Brooksider Acoustic, 10-1:30 AM

July 2013
6th-Konrad's, Lee's Summitt, MO 9-1
13th-Plaza Live Mermaid Court, 2-5 PM
19th-Freddy T's, Olathe, 9-1 AM
27th-Barley's Brewhause, Shawnee (Midland Exit), 9-1

August 2013
3rd-20th Reunion for the BLHS Class of 93, The Parkway, Shawnee, 9-1
17th-Barley's Brewhause, Shawnee (Midland Exit), 9-1
L 23rd-Stone Pillar Viniard and Winery, Olathe, KS 7-10
25th-Plaza Live Mermaid Court, 12-3

September 2013
21st-Konrad's, Lee's Summitt, MO 9-1
28th-Freddy T's Olathe, KS, 9-1 AM

October 2013

November 2013
9th-Jerry's Bait Shop: LS, Lee's Summitt, MO 9-1

December 2013